Do you Pinterest? We do!


Maybe you’ve seen this cute little Pinterest Ross Haigler Group Keller Williams Union County Real Estate and wondered what it was all about? Or, maybe like me – you awkwardly referred to this in all your southern charm as “pin-ter-est” ahhh!

This online pin board serves as great inspiration for your home (and really anything else you could imagine!). The most popular items found on Pinterest seem to revolve around DIY crafts, home decor, photography and food. No matter what you’re looking for, you can almost be assured that Pinterest will tell you how to do it, make it, arrange it, paint it and more! I was caught off guard recently as I walked through an airport and overheard a conversation. The man said, “The ladies don’t go to Google anymore, they go to Pinterest to do their searches!” Wow – this statement struck me and a light bulb went off in my mind. I absolutely fit into this category for many items related to our home. I am more likely to go to Pinterest before trying to sort out Google on things like painting a cabinet for my daughter’s room, organizing our pantry, or ideas for re-arranging our living room.

I also find myself answering questions for clients all the time about staging their home that is about to be listed, or just wanting an opinion for updates and renovations in our client’s homes. As I sat in a conference hallway a few weeks ago helping one of my best friends talk through paint colors, it dawned on me that I should start documenting these ideas on a page to help our clients anytime they need assistance. Thus, you have our new Ross-Haigler Group Pinterest page!

On our page, you’ll find topics such as Bathroom Makeovers, Kitchens, Lighting, Flooring, Paint Colors, Family Rooms, Mud Rooms and more. We’ve even included a few pages related to our area – Union County and North Carolina.

Special thanks to the random man in the airport, Monica Watts for inspiring me with her paint questions, and to Joanie Hunter for helping me bring this idea to life (she’s our main pinner for the items you see listed on the page :))

Happy Pinning, friends!

Ross-Haigler Group


The Ross Haigler Group at Keller Williams Realty

The Ross-Haigler Group at Keller Williams Realty
Full Service Team of Licensed Real Estate Professionals servicing the region surrounding Charlotte, NC

Our Vision
The Ross-Haigler Group exists to achieve a higher standard in the Real Estate industry by: continually exceeding our client’s expectations, treating others with respect and honesty, and living our company values – God. Family. Business.

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